Sunday, December 26, 2010

Turn your TV into art with Flickr

I was tired of semi-bare walls in my apartment and a blank TV that I rarely watch.  Currently I'm too cheap to buy art for a place I might not live in for a long time.  What's the solution?  Let's get the best of Flickr's photos streamed to my TV using my mac mini and the internet connection.  RSS will do this for you in low quality.  Use the directions below to go high def.  To get started you''ll need a TV, internet and a mac mini.  There are ways to do this with a PC, but this blog post focuses on macs.
  • Use Photocastr to make a photocast for iphoto
  • Click the link created in the step above opening the photocast in iphoto.
  • In System preferences, Desktop & Screen Saver, select the photo-cast as a screen saver on your mac
  • There are several screen saver methods.  I prefer the mosaic.  
Here are the results:

Other thoughts:
  • Consider using your new photocast to also change the imagery for your desktop background. 
  • Save power and have your computer and TV wake up only when you are home. 
  • Eventually it would be cool to hook this up with a motion sensor so the art only "turns on" when I'm in the room, further saving power.

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