Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why I hack my ipad/iphone

  1. Never plug into your computer again.  Use Wi-fi sync to connect/sync with itunes.
  2. Download cached maps and a free navigation tool called Xgps.  This is great for travel.(july 2011 update) 
  3. Mywi - Turns my phone & ipad into wifi hotspots when I need them
  4. Trick your apps into thinking you are on a high speed connection for better media quality using my3g.
  5. No roaming during international travel (Buy a local sim card when you get there)
  6. Full Force - Makes the small iphone apps go full screen on the ipad with no resolution loss.
  7. SBSettings - A quick popup for controlling apps that are running and basic functions like wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, screen brightness, quick reboot, ect.  Some plugins here.
  8. Longitude - Auto updates my GPS position for Google's latitude service
  9. Using VOIP (Voice over Internet) I sold my house from Russia.  The call quality was actually better than using land line phones.  siphon was the app I used.
  10. I spilled milk in my home button.  Now i can swipe my finger from right to left at the top of the screen to activate the home button.  I'm trying to hold out for a replacement phone until the iphone 5 update comes at the end of the summer. (july 2011 update) 
Other things you can do, that I don't with a hacked iphone/ipad:
  1. Use a bluetooth keyboard / mouse using btstack
  2. Do face time video conferencing over 3g using my3g
  3. The Cydia store was the only place to get a Google voice iphone app.  Apple has now allowed google to post their app.

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