Friday, October 16, 2009

CES Las Vegas

I dug up this picture from Las Vegas. One of the better shots of our mp3car demo car.

• Dual Zone Audio, Video & Internet entertainment
• 2 Intel Entertainment and Navigation computers
• Navigation, Traffic
• Internet Radio
• High Speed internet
• 6 monitors, 3 touch screens
• 5 cameras
• 1TB+ of media storage
• Front and rear seat USB ports

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Intel X25 in a Macbook Pro. Trouble In Paradise - Corrupt OSX Partition.

I love my Intel x25 SSD but yesterday the darn thing stopped working. I was having some USB problems so I decided to reboot to see if that fixed the problem. Upon Reboot I just got the dreaded folder with a question mark in it. I then booted with OSX S Snow leopard CD - Disk utility sees no partitions. Now what? My backup is a month old (yeah i know) no need to say more)

I Booted with UBCD for windows (because I had one handy) and used the testdisk open source tool. this is also available for the mac which I didn't know at the time.